Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ADMT photography

Me and my friends during recess!
top right: Azeem and Justin, top left, me buying a drink, and bottom azeem after recess.


  1. 1st picture: The main object is not at the middle so it is not focused on. you should place the object in the middle.
    2nd picture: The background is to bright and distracting. You should take a photo with a darker background.
    3rd picture: the lights from the shops are distracting. you should take a photo without any distracting lights.

  2. 1st Picture: It is totally a candit-shot for the picture is blurry and there is no focused object which makes it messy. The lighting is acceptable.

    2nd Picture: The lighting is too bright though the 2 gentleman can still be seen. Taking the picture in the canteen would be more suitable/preferable.

    3rd Picture: Focus object is in the centre. Clear. Lighting's perfect.